Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Anti-trash, Anti-disposables

Oh, the never ending debate about disposables VS. cloth.

Team cloth diapers right here!

I am Anti-disposable diapers. Why?

[<3] They are freakishly expensive in the long run. I'm not good with math but I turn to a mathematical wizard when it comes to making formulas about comparing diaper prices. 

For example:

Disposable diapers to the power of 2 times X divided by square root of -- lol, I'm just kidding.

Disposable diapers:
There are different brands of disposables, the decent ones cost about 10Php. Let's multiply that, shall we?

Newborns use more or less 10 diapers per day :
10 x 10 = Pho100 (1 day) x 30 = Php3,000(1 month)
Around 7-8 months old, your baby uses around 8 diapers per day :
10  x 8 = Php80 x 30 = Php2,400
Then at around 15 months old, your baby uses more or less 6 diapers :
10 x 6 = Php60 x 30 = Php1,800

And what if your baby isn't potty trained 'til they are 3 years old and they still need to wear diapers at night 'til they're 7!!!
You're spending more or less Php30,000 on disposables each year! That would probably reach a hundred thousand pesos (Php100,000) buy the time they would be semi-potty trained! It's crazy! I'd rather save for a trip to Disneyland with my kids then spend my money on chemical filled plastic! Disposables could lead us to poverty.


[<3] Disposable diapers are just CHEMICAL FILLED PLASTIC.
What? It's true! They even have a chemical that turns your baby's pee into gel! What kind of chemical does that! And do you notice that your baby keeps on having rashes down there? You can thank the chemicals for that. And you're telling me that I'm going to put that disposable onto my baby's bum?!

Kiss my ass.

[<3] Disposables take thousands of YEARS to decompose.
You're dead. Your baby is dead. Your grandchildren are dead. Madonna is dead, and so is Britney Spears. But the disposable diapers you placed on your baby's buttocks a thousand years ago are still rotting on this earth that we call home. 

Talk about the polar icecaps melting.

[<3] Cloth diapers are FTW!

Disposables? Good day sir.

Yes, my baby has been wearing cloth diapers EXCLUSIVELY since he was born. Mothers who use disposable diapers for their children often say, "So you just wash all those diapers!" and they ask "How on earth do you do it?"
But I think and ask them too, "What? Disposable diapers! How on earth do YOU do it!"

Guile at a month old. Wearing BabyChic cover nappy.

Fine print : I do not disrespect all you mamas out there using disposable diapers for your children. This post is MY take on why I don't use disposables for MY child.

I will be posting about my love for cloth diapers soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Hmmm. Hiiii Baby Aiden! I miss you! Hihihi. Very nice review. :)

  2. I can't relate to what's better to be used because I am not yet married and no child. But I think the idea of using cloth diapers is better because you can really lessen the trash and also save money.

  3. Hello there baby and hello to you too mommy!

    Awww... what a cutie patotie over there.

    P.S. I added you to my blogroll

  4. wow. this post just opened my eyes to a different perspective.

  5. Cuuuttteee pic of your baby there! :)

    I didn't know cloth diapers exist! That's really a nice way to save money. Laba nga lang ng laba pero tingin ko worth it! :D