Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fluff : does size matter

Hi there! So today I'm going to write about the sizes cloth diapers may come as.

[<3] OSFM

One Size Fits Most.

This is a popular choice. Good to get if you want to save money on diapers because this type of nappy has different sizes you snap on to.

Today's model is my Alva 3.0
On the first 4 photos, you can see it on small setting. This can fit newborns but it depends on the built of your baby.
On the next 2 photos, that is the larger setting, see the snaps on the rise are open. This setting fits my 4-year-old slightly chubby cousin.
On the last photo, the model nappy is placed on the medium rise setting. My baby just turned 5 months last June 19, and I've noticed that the small setting is getting a little tight on my baby and if I turn him on tummy position, I can almost see his but! Guess we will be moving to medium setting soon!
Here is Guile wearing some of his OSFM nappies.

The BabyChic cover is our favorite nappy. This is the first ever nappy we tried. At two days old, we paired this nappy with a lampin.
See our Alvas at different ages. The sunbaby too!
The Kawaii GNHW (Good Night Heavy Wetter). This nappy is from the Aloha collection and this one is the black aloha.

Don't worry everyone, I will give reviews by nappy brand soon!

[<3] One Size

Small, Meduim, Large

There are nappies that are only in one size. This is an example,

My Itti Bitti nappy! This was given by my great friend from highschool who is living in London now. This was my first ever imported nappy! This is an AIO (All In One) nappy, the ones showed on top were pocket nappies. This nappy is sized medium. This nappy was a good fit when baby was around 1 month old but now that he is 5 month old, this nappy looks very sexy on him! Sorry I don't have a recent photo of him wearing it! I hope he won't outgrow this nappy soon :(
One thing about one sized nappies, when the baby outgrows these, you can't use them anymore! But hey, they give great great fit when it still fits him!

Take note, nappies are different by brands so make sure you can see what sizes there are.
There are nappies that are

     [<3] Large OSFM
          An example of this is a large cluebebe nappy. I don't have this nappy yet but i will surely post if I have one, maybe soon!
         Another example is the Alva Big Diaper, this too is a OSFM nappy. The smallest setting of this is said to be the largest setting of a Alva 4.0 nappy. I don't have this nappy yet too.

     [<3] Newborn OSFM
          Newborn nappies, are they worth it? Maybe, if you are expecting a small baby or if you want your newborn to have a good fitting nappy. An example of a newborn OSFM is the Alva Newborn nappy. Don't have this because I opted not to purchase newborn nappies for this baby. Maybe my next, *winkwink*!

Alright! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the next post and if you have any post request, please don't hesitate to comment!


  1. This looks interesting for moms out there! I just hope this was on the market when I was just a baby. I love that it also comes in different designs :)


  2. wow! thanks for this! very very helpful!

  3. i like the one size fits most. its very budget friendly.

  4. This looks soooo cute.. It could be really useful to moms.. I wanna get something like this when i do have a baby someday,. It's very budget friendly.. the baby here is also cuuute <3

  5. I remember the days when my brothers and I wore only cloth diapers. We had no choice then because there were only cloth diapers in our time. These days I prefer disposables because I'm too busy to clean cloth nappies. Looking at these new stylish ones though, I'm thinking of switching back to cloth. They're just sooooo cute. :)

    1. definitely try cloth again! cloth diapers now are waterproof, not like the lampin kinds we had before. Washing them is so easy, its like washing extra baby undies <3 send me a PM if you want to try them again, i'll hook you up :)