Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fluff, fluff, fluff!

M O D E R N    C L O T H   D I A P E RS

So in my last post, I talked about my HATE for disposable diapers. Now here's a little something about my lo-lo-lo-looooovvvveeee for cloth diapers!

Why do I choose cloth for my baby?

[<3] They are cheap.
Well, cheap-er than disposable diapers.
China made nappies cost around 200-350 pesos each. Even if you have 100 pieces of these adorable fluffs, you'd still save money than spending on disposable diapers. (Check my post about disposable diaper expenses here)

Take note, you probably need only 12-15 nappies in total to make a rotation. Considering you wash the nappies everyday.

[<3] They are made of cloth.
Disposable diapers are plastic. Your underwear, I presume, is cloth. Am I right? Isn't it comfortable to use every day, every hour, every minute? How would you like it if your underwear was plastic? That would be some funky stuff going down there! Am I right or am I right? So if you use cloth underwear, why not let your baby wear cloth too? Just pure, pure cloth with no chemicals whatsoever. 

Just wash used nappies like you wash used underwear. As simple as that! Clean as new and ready to be used again!

[<3] Good for the environment.
These diapers don't get thrown away like trash. When you are done with them, you can save it for your next baby or you can give it to someone else who needs them! 

[<3] They are so cute!
There are sooo much different designs to choose from! It would take you months to see all the designs! There are new ones everyday!!
There are some companies or mom nappy makers who accepts custom made nappies, you can actually order a specially made one for your baby with your chosen designs!

[<3] They're so fluffy I wanna dieeeee!!!

Here is my first stash of nappies! I had this around 4 weeks before giving birth. But of course, I have twice the amount now. (insert smug look here). I haven't really taken my updated stash photo yet, but maybe soon.
On this photo, I have 5 plain colored AlvaBaby 3.0, 5 printed AlvaBaby 3.0, 3 AlvaBaby 4.0 (spiderman, zebra, jeans) and 1 MNCP nappy.

I'll make a post dedicated to MCNP (modern cloth nappying pinay) soon.

Stay tuned!


  1. I would have to agree, clothe diapers are way better than the disposable one. My nieces uses the clothe diapers too! :)Nice selection of diapers, btw :)

  2. these are very eco-friendly! and cute!!