Monday, 24 June 2013

Review : Avent Naturals Bottles

I give these bottles 5 stars!

When my baby Guile was born, I was told that I 'did not have milk'. At that time, I did absolutely no research about breastfeeding (because I spent most of the time researching about CD's) when I was pregnant. I thought it was a natural thing. Oh boy, was I wrong. So fast forward, I wanted to exclusively breastfeed my baby but I was told I had no milk by a (stupid) midwife. My parents believed her too, they don't know much about breastfeeding because my mom didn't breastfeed me in the first place (she had an inverted nipple). So after believing the (stupid) midwife, they bought powdered milk and fed Guile through a bottle. BEHIND MY BACK, if I may add. After that, Guile had trouble feeding from my breast because he was already NIPPLE CONFUSED. The bottles we used then were the ones that was bought from the department store, I believe the brands were precious moments and ferlin.

My baby wouldn't feed from me! I was absolutely devastated! After a couple of weeks, we had our check up with the pedia and it turned out that Guile was COLICKY. This meant that Guile has too much air in his tummy. The doctor recommended to get anti-colic bottles, the one she kept repeating was AVENT. Yipee!, I thought. I've always wanted to get Avent bottles! 

In the mall, there are Avent ORIGINAL bottles. And they were so expensive! They cost Php1,800++ for a 3 in one pack! But everything in the mall is always so expensive, that's why I shop online! For the Avent Original bottles, I found them online for Php900 the cheapest for the 3 in one pack. Then I found the Avent NATURALS bottle through my research. These collection of bottles are not available in Philippine stores yet.

I got my bottles through, she was a trusted seller and she also had a multiply and Facebook store account. The seller was from Quezon City. I got my Avent Naturals for only P1,250 for a 3 in one pack! Free shipping because I ordered my bottles from multiply and they had the free shipping promo.

I really loved the bottles so I ordered one from the U.S. from my friend, Sheila. I got my 3 in a pack for only Php1,100. This is inclusive of Int'l shipping fee, taxes, and local shipping fee. Yes, it's cheaper if you order from the U.S. If you want these bottles, you can send me a message and maybe I can hook you up!

Why do I love these bottles?

[<3] The form of the nipple.

As you can see, the nipple is shaped like a woman's breast. When Guile started using this bottle, he started latching to my breast perfectly fine without any confusion! This started my breastfeeding journey!

[<3] The bottle design.

This bottle is formed so it's easy for babies to hold their bottle. Guile is 5 months old and he already knows how to hold his bottle! On one side, there is a measurement by milliliters(ml) and on the other side, a measurement by Ounces(oZ) by US and UK measurement.

[<3] The cap

There is this part of the cap that has the finger mould so it's easy for us to open when your baby is panicking and crying. This feature helped me out so much!

[<3] Good bye colic.

This bottle has an advance anti-colic feature. Well, it really works! No more excessive crying for baby Guile!
The Avent Original bottle has an anti-colic feature too.

One thing I don't like about this bottle

     [<3] The bottle turns yellowish after a while

Here is a photo comparing my bottles. On your left, you can see that the bottle is yellowish compared to the other one. I got the former bottle when Guile was a month old and the latter bottle last month, when Guile was 4 months old. See the difference? After 3 months of using the first bottle, it turned yellowish. I just noticed this when I received my second pack of bottles. Nevertheless, even though it turned yellowish, it still works well.

I guess that's all I can say for this product! Comment if you have any questions or suggestions! Stay tuned! 



  1. Hope to see Baby Aiden soon! :) How long will he breastfeed? Two years?

    1. Yes! 2 years is my goal but if kaya, 3-4 ;)

  2. Avent's a good brand. my nieces has the same milk bottles. :)

  3. Naku pag baby talaga dapt yung best ang gamitin mo noh. Maselan kasi sila. And of course first priority yung health and safety. Hehe.

  4. yes. Avent bottles are the best! good choice!