Sunday, 14 July 2013

My watermelon baby

So today, my baby and I attended a costume party of my friends baby brother. This was the first costume party my baby was attending and I wanted it to be the BOMB.

You can probably tell that I'm not the "mellow" kind of girl. I like to think outside the box. I like to make things special. I hate those boring repeated things. I like to think BIG.

I like that boom boom pow, Them chickens jackin my style. They try to copy my swagger, I'm on that next shit now. You are probably wondering why I wrote the Black Eyes Peas song down, well I'm just cool like that. And the song got stuck in my head.

Moving on,

I was thinking and thinking what my baby's costume would be. There were so much options! Superman? Batman? Sailor? Mickey Mouse? Stitch form the movie Lilo and Stitch? Nah, those are too overplayed. Then I came across the perfect costume for my baby!


A watermelon costume! Who would have thought?? I mean, I see a lot of strawberry costume, apple, banana. But watermelon?! It was perfect.

Isn't this costume for girls, you may ask? A watermelon is a fruit. Fruits are neutral. LOL, just another excuse for mommy to dress up her baby boy!

Where did I buy the costume? I got it at an online Facebook store called MommysList (here's the link: ) They have a website ( ) but it will be available around August 2013.

MommysList have the cheapest costumes, compared to other stores, I've seen so far! They also have great customer service! The owners name is Malou and she always reply to my annoying questions and etc! She also has a great personality and is easy to talk with. If you don't get a fast reply via Facebook message, you can text her and she replies faster via phone messaging. I made my final order last Wednesday, paid on Thursday morning (cutoff time was 1pm) and got the costumes Saturday! I would have gotten it last Friday but the courier got lost looking for my house. LOL. She also has a lot of different products too! 

I also bought a romper as a gift to the celebrant, it was so cute!

Here we are preparing to go to the party! My baby is happy with the costume!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!



  1. Seems like you are a happy and bubbly person!
    Very cute and happy costume!

    Halatang super happy si baby - which is good, lalaking masayahin ang baby when the mom is just like you! ;)

  2. WOW! Super cute :)))) If only you could dress your baby everyday as a fruit. Go buy more fruit dresses! Hahaha

    1. I shall!! I'm thinking of an apple next <3 bwahaha!

  3. You're baby is super cute and really looks good in that watermelon costume. Sarap talaga bisihan ng mga babies. Sobrang cheerful din niya oh :)

    1. thank you! oo nga!! babies are super cute! <3

  4. Cutiepatotie :) Nice idea for a costume and it looks like your baby enjoyed wearing it too.

  5. Baby Aiden is sooo cute! Hahaha. <3 Wanna do a photoshoot with him!

  6. Baby Aiden!!! cute! cute! cute! like tita Princess :)